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About #TGDE

Our Principles


For Girls, By Girls

Created with girls 7 - 13 in mind, The Girls Do Everything™ will inspire girls to think, act and be limitless.


100% Inclusive designs

Gone are the days where the black and brown mermaids, fairies and main characters aren't options.


Sustainable Pre-Order Model

We believe traditional retail is broken. There's lots of waste and minimal consideration for the environment. We at #TGDE love our planet and are learning day-by-day how to reduce our imprint. We use the pre-order model to only print exactly what's sold, meaning fewer products wasted.



Support #TGDE

Crowdfunding Campaign


During the first semester of the 20/21 school year, I participated in the Young & Gifted Kidpreneur After School program. During that program I worked on a complete business plan for The Girls Do Everything™. To finish off the program I started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the next BIG #TGDE project. We've extended the campaign to June 2022, please support us!

We have all been affected by the coronavirus. For me, like many other elementary students, it means not being able to connect with family or friends. I miss my cousins (my girls) so much that I put together The Cousin Crew Collection, as my first #TGDE collection.

But, I want to do more to connect you with your girls! In 2022 I’m launching Girl-Connect. Girl-Connect is a subscription box to stay connected with your girls. The box will have all the mailing supplies needed to send personal messages and stay connected with your girls and more! 

We will begin with 100 Girl-Connect boxes. Here's how you can help:

  1. Support my NEW goal of reaching $3000
  2. Grab a pencil, paper & envelope and write letters to your friends & family!
  3. Follow me on Instagram at @TheGirlsDoEverything
The first 30 backers, that grant $25 or more, will get this limited edition poster of the strong super girl to the left!
Thanks for supporting me and #TGDE 🙂

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